The Good Folk is an independent London-based design studio, founded by me, Fearghal Corbett. Working across branding, print and web design since 2007 – our philosophy’s very much in our name. We believe in doing great design that meets your brief and does it in a responsible way.

What does ethical design really mean?

In everyday terms it’s more than simply printing on recycled material (though we do that too). It runs through everything, from the way we help you connect with your audience in an honest and genuine way, to the way we consider the impact our designs will have throughout their life cycle.

It’s also about considering the company we keep. We make a real effort to work with like-minded people who, like us, want to create carefully-crafted content that’s not going to be harmful to others or needlessly drain the resources by which we live.

We work with a whole range of organisations from small environmental start-ups to charities to larger businesses.

Keeping our own house in order

We’re mindful of how we work, who we work alongside and where we source our own business. So you’ll find us using energy efficient appliances, being careful about who we bank with, cycling around the city, and reducing, reusing and recycling our waste.

Have a look at our environmental policy to find out more.