HLR Contractor


The building industry is dogged by a reputation for cowboys. Stories abound around shoddy workmanship, failing to deliver on time and costs spiralling out of control. But Claude Haller and his team are some of the good guys – and we know because they’ve done work for us.

Claude came to us because he needed a simple website that would show potential clients his honest, straight-forward approach while demonstrating his expertise.

The brief

A simple, easy-to-use one page site.

What we did

Created a single page website with separate content sections led by strong ‘before and after’ imagery.


HLR Contractor website top section


HLR Contractor website contact section


HLR Contractor

The verdict

The Good Folk have done an amazing job and I now get more clients than ever. Not only did they do the job within the deadline, they gave me different design concepts from which to choose. They have creative minds and are very efficient and fast working. Highly recommended.

Claude Haller, HLR Contractor