Helping Groups to Grow Foundations


Helping Groups to Grow is a charity we’re really proud to work with. Based in Wales, the organisation supports adults, young people and children with drug, alcohol and mental health problems by offering group programmes and one-to-one sessions.

The brief

Design and copy editing for a PowerPoint presentation-based four session pilot programme that would introduce participants to their service.

What we did

Created a presentation design in collaboration with illustrator Roger Mason, who developed a set of hand-drawn characters that guided the audience through the different stages of the course in an engaging and entertaining way.


Helping Groups to Grow Foundations PowerPoint slide


Pendulum PowerPoint slide


Shark PowerPoint slide


Handout PowerPoint slide


Thank you PowerPoint slide


Helping Groups to Grow

The verdict

I was absolutely overjoyed by the creative contribution that The Good Folk made to our Foundations Programme. They fully understood the intricate psychological concepts of the programme to really bring the project alive with the materials they produced. They created something special, something that we did not believe possible, and something that far exceeded our expectations. We look forward to working with them again on our next project.

Dr. Lee Hogan, Clinical Psychologist