ArbreIM Crossrail invites

Getting an invitation for an event on the top floor of a City skyscraper is an enticing prospect. Unless you’re scared of heights of course.

To show guests what lay in store, we asked panoramic photographer Will Pearson to capture the view for this investment-focused event discussing the Crossrail project.

The brief

An invitation that would really excite the guest list.

What we did

Created a series of concepts, one of which featured a panoramic photograph taken from the roof of the building. Printed all the invitations digitally using FSC-certified 100% recycled card and included a piece of Hornby rail track as a fun stand-out device in the follow-up reminder.





The verdict

The invitations The Good Folk created for us certainly had the wow factor. These, coupled with the follow up train track reminder, meant we had a high turnout for the event.

Rachel McIsaac, ArbreIM