Our beliefs

From the beginning we promised ourselves one thing: we wouldn’t do design in a way that was damaging to others or the world around us. As much as we could, we wanted to have a positive impact on society and use our skills to benefit others with the same outlook. It’s why we’re an ethical design company and why we called ourselves The Good Folk. These are the things we believe in:

Doing design for the greater good

We do more than just source renewable materials and suppliers. We make sure that the designs we create are carefully considered – that they match style with substance – so wherever possible they will stir positive change.

Putting ethical business on the map

Our work should empower other ethical businesses and organisations. By doing great design with them we can promote their benefits and widen their reach. Because we know the more successful our clients become, the greater the change we’ll both see.

Helping clients create more sustainable communications

We advise on the most energy efficient options available and help our clients choose the materials, suppliers and processes that will make a difference. Whether it’s avoiding UV varnishes within a brochure or improving the response rate on an invitation, we always look for the most sustainable and effective way of doing things.

Keeping our own house in order

While we’re doing all this, we make sure we’re continually minimising our own environmental impact and being fair to others. Every day we’re mindful of how we work, who we work alongside and where we source our own business. So you’ll find us using energy efficient appliances run on 100% green electricity, being careful about who we bank with, cycling around the city, and reducing, reusing and recycling our waste.

Have a look at our environmental policy to find out more.


What is an ethical business?

We think there's a better way to do business – one that isn't driven purely by the bottom line. It's a more considered way of working that's more sustainable for the future. An ethical business has an ethical focus that underpins everything it does and informs the decisions it makes. It may address a particular area of concern, like climate change, human rights or poverty, or it may consider how its work affects many issues across many areas.

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